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Aeon Turns Six Years Old

5 May

We are pleased to report that Aeon has reached it sixth anniversary. We posted a record year last year and continue to do well.Aeon is currently working on projects for a wide range of clients including Federally owned properties managed by the Architect of the Capitol, GSA, the Smithsonian Institute, the U.S. Naval Academy Annapolis, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We also have many private clients including churches, historic residential clients, non-profit organizations, and smaller local communities. We work on whole buildings or facades, highly ornamental parts of historic buildings, doors (lots of doors!), windows, monuments and large artifacts.

We have a great team and feel truly blessed. Thank you for your support!

Destruction in Syria

8 Sep


A view of Palmyra. The Temple of Bel in the background is one of the structures targeted by ISIS.  Photo from

In light of the recent destruction of antiquities by ISIS at the Syrian World Heritage Site of Palmyra, the Aeon team’s thoughts are with the Syrian conservation community.  This past Friday, it was confirmed that three tower tombs were the latest to be destroyed.  According to a report by the Guardian, the Jamblique, Elhbel and Kithot tombs were respectively constructed in AD83, AD103 and AD44. ISIS also destroyed the Temple of Baal Shamin and the Temple of Bel in separate instances at the end of last month.  All of these structures were among the oldest to survive from the ancient Middle East, and their destruction is a terrible loss for world cultural heritage.  For more information on the latest incident, see here.  For information on the significance of the Palmyra World Heritage Site, see UNESCO’s summary here.