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Cleaning Tests at the Sherman Building, Armed Forces Retirement Home

31 Oct

Aeon principal conservators Lane Burritt and Alfonso Narvaez recently performed cleaning tests on the marble Sherman Building located on the historic campus of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, DC. Built in 1857 the Sherman Building was badly damaged in last years’ earthquake. Aeon was brought in by The Christman Company to assist them and designers Quinn Evans Architects determine appropriate cleaning methods for the historic marble. Aeon is testing mild cleaning methods including D/2 Biological, MasonRE Rust Remover, the Quintek water misting system and the Rotec Vortex micro-abrasive cleaning system.

Quintek water misting test rig

National Gallery of Art

26 Mar

Recently Aeon has been working at the National Gallery of Art in DC with Balfour Beatty/Smoot and CA Lindman on the cleaning and restoration of this iconic Modern masterpiece. At one of the curtainwalls we have been focused on cleaning thousands of little yellow and black streaks from the glass and concrete surfaces. After careful analysis we came the conclusion that the staining was organic in nature and suspected that it might be insect related. NGA brought in an entomologist who confirmed that what we were seeing was indeed spider droppings from a colony of Wolf Spiders living in the curtainwall. Information on the project can be found here.


Happy Veterans Day! We would like to thank all the men and women who have proudly served our country.

11 Nov

Aeon conserved the masonry of the Sherman Monument. Here is a close up of a Civil War Soldier.

see a before image of the monument before restoration.