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Understanding Environmental Monitoring

3 Nov

environmental monitoring pic 1

One of Aeon’s Small Remote Data Loggers 

An important tool in the Aeon arsenal is environmental monitoring, which allows for the measurement of temperature and humidity within a particular environment over time.  Environmental monitoring is central to understanding conditions that materials are experiencing.  After data is collected, it is possible to use that baseline data to identify changes to normal conditions.  Tracking these changes is useful because it can sometimes establish a correlation between changes to the environment and changes exhibited by materials.  Other techniques—such as visual inspection or thermal imaging— can then be used to find the cause of materials changes.

In order for environmental monitoring to be effective, multiple reading locations need to be used throughout each site.  In ongoing projects, Aeon has deployed nineteen remote data loggers, including three infrared surface sensors, fifteen ambient air sensors, and one VOC sensor.  Equipment is placed at locations away from sunlight and radiant heat to gather a true ambient reading.  Additionally, the longer the period during which data is gathered, the lower the margin for error.

environmental monitoring pic 2

Aeon’s Hygrothermograph 

Environmental monitoring continues to evolve, and modern remote monitoring offers several advantages over earlier techniques, such as hygrothermograph.  The data produced by remote monitoring is both more accurate and easier to obtain, as there is no need to check equipment in person.  This lowers the cost of labor and is especially beneficial if monitoring equipment is located in places that are not easy to reach, such as around the perimeter of a dome.  Depending on the data logger used, gathered information can be accessed through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular network.

On the other hand, remote monitoring does not eliminate labor costs since data loggers still need to be placed and data interpreted. If using a cellular network, it is also dependent on cellular service providers.   Aeon has been using Onset’s U-30 system, which relied on 2G networks that are being phased out, necessitating the purchase of new equipment.  Keeping up with environmental monitoring technology is therefore a constant process.

Yates Building Entry Restoration Project

20 Dec

image Aeon is in the final stages of completing the restoration of historic wooden pocket doors at the entrance to the Sydney Yates Building. The project is being done for GSA under contract to McKay Lodge Conservation. Aeon has served as architectural conservators and project managers for the restoration effort which also included Artisan Glass Works for the leaded glass restoration and Thomas Moore Studios for door finishes. Aeon restored missing and damaged historic door hardware including rollers, the original Corwin pocket door pulls and locks, and refinished 48 bronze buttons. The final results are truly stunning.


Veterans Affairs Building Canopies Complete

15 May

ImageAeon has completed all work at the Veterans Affairs Building (shown above in 1919). Work included design build conservation services to restore all three ornamental cast iron entrance canopies. All were dismantled down to bare structural steel and rebuilt using original and newly fabricated ornamental ironwork, new structural muntins, new code compliant glass, and custom LED lighting.

Our GSA and VA clients are thrilled noting: “Aeon Preservation performed an outstanding job. Management, workmanship and responsiveness was top notch, kept us updated and the tenants happy.”

National Gallery Stone Repairs

19 Apr

Aeon conservator Zasha Guzman has been taking a leading role in QA/QC inspection of masonry repointing work at the National Gallery of Art. Aeon is working with Dan Lepore & Sons providing project administration, mortar analysis, and quality control services.

Custom LED lighting at VA Building Canopies

10 Apr

H Street Canopy LightingAeon recently completed installation of new marquee lighting at the entrance canopies to the Veterans Administration Building. Using custom recessed lighting fixtures manufactured by Belfer, Aeon installed an array of low voltage 8-watt LED bulbs to provide uniform illumination at each entrance. Kudos to our lighting designer Bruce Dunlop for this help in conceptualizing this approach.

Veterans Affairs Canopy Restoration

10 Oct

ImageAeon is providing construction management services for the conservation and restoration of three large ornamental cast iron entrance canopies at the Veterans Affairs Headquarters building in DC. We are collaborating with a great team of specialty subcontractors including Independent Custom Metalworks of Bladensburg, MD, AV Smoot, Delray Glass and others in this challenging restoration project. Also supporting this design/build effort is our engineering team of Robert Silman Associates and Seal Engineering. Recently Aeon project manager Nick Patrick who joined Aeon in July, recovered a lost ornamental feature. The cast iron anthemion crest shown above was covered in lead paint and found wedged inside the badly altered canopy structure. After getting our hazmat sub Southern Insulation to strip it, we can see the extraordinary detail of this piece. ICM is replicating the long lost feature and we will be reinstalling the missing elements in their original locations.


National Gallery of Art West

5 Jul

Aeon is excited to announce that Dan Lepore & Sons (DLS) and Aeon have been awarded the National Gallery of Art – West Building Stone Repairs project. Aeon will provide testing, quality control, and project management services. Work is to begin in late summer. Image

Assessing and conserving historic aluminum doors at the Federal Trade Commission

15 Sep

The Federal Trade Commission Building dates from 1937 and is in the Classical Revival style. Contrasting with the limestone walls, some of its distinctive exterior features are the aluminum grilles over the main entrance doors. They are decorated with images of the changing transportation methods used over time, from Columbus’s 14th century ships to the more modern seaplane. Whilst McKay Lodge Conservation is conserving the grilles, Aeon is providing a local conservation management service under them to assess and conserve the 28 glass and aluminum doors.

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