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Yates Building Entry Restoration Project

20 Dec

image Aeon is in the final stages of completing the restoration of historic wooden pocket doors at the entrance to the Sydney Yates Building. The project is being done for GSA under contract to McKay Lodge Conservation. Aeon has served as architectural conservators and project managers for the restoration effort which also included Artisan Glass Works for the leaded glass restoration and Thomas Moore Studios for door finishes. Aeon restored missing and damaged historic door hardware including rollers, the original Corwin pocket door pulls and locks, and refinished 48 bronze buttons. The final results are truly stunning.


NPS Awards Volcano House Concession to Ortega Family Enterprises

27 Mar

Aeon is pleased to announce that our client and teaming partner, Ortega Family Enterprises, has won the rights to provide hospitality services at the historic Volcano House located at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Aeon worked closely with OFE and the whole project team last year to help them craft a winning bid focused on the sensitive restoration and preservation of this unique historic hotel perched on the rim of the Kalauea caldera. Ortega and Aqua Resorts doing business as Hawaiʻi Volcanoes Lodge Company, LLC made a strong commitment to the preservation of this mid-Century modern classic lodge and surrounding property using best in class sustainability and environmental stewardship. Aeon is pleased to be part of their team and look forward to preserving this wonderful property.


Silver Gull Beach Club and the Breezy Point Beach Club

17 Feb

Aeon is pleased to announce that their client and teaming partner, Ortega Family Enterprises, has won the concessions for Silver Gull Beach Club and the Breezy Point Beach Clubs at Gateway National Recreational Area in NYC. Aeon helped Ortega (doing business as JBAY, LLC) perform a detailed site evaluation to support their winning bid for these mid-Century modern recreational facilities owned by the National Park Service. The beach clubs are both located on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, N.Y. Each beach club offers private cabanas, food service, recreation, and both pool and ocean swimming. Visitors can gain access to the facilities with seasonal and day-use passes. The clubs, which were formed in the 1930s to 1960s before Gateway was created by Congress in 1972, are now run as concessions.


Historic preservation on the rim of an active volcano: Volcano House

19 Sep

Aeon Preservation is excited to have begun work  on the Volcano House, located in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.  This historic hotel is perched on the rim of Kilauea volcano and is the site of a series of lodgings going back as far as 1846 when there was a simple grass hut there. Currently closed, the National Park Service aims to sympathetically restore this wood and stone structure and to improve its fire and seismic safety fittings.  Aeon is currently making suggestions for the preservation and maintenance of the building.

The unique surroundings of this notable hotel mean that its preservation requirements are also out of the ordinary.  In addition to the usual wear and tear caused by visitors and other factors,  Lane and Alfonso are taking into account the high levels of sulphur dioxide in the air. This is produced by volcanic eruptions and can have a corrosive effect on stone and other materials. High levels may even cause Volcanoes Park to be evacuated! The beautiful but unconventional location and the challenges that this brings have provided Aeon with an interesting project.

Check back for more information as this assignment proceeds!

Conservation of historic masonry, windows and doors at the Yates Building

17 Jul

The doors, window and balcony of the Yates building.

The 1880 Sidney R. Yates Building, standing near the National Mall in Washington, is made of red brick in the Romanesque Revival style. Originally, it housed the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and was later used for the Auditors division. Aeon was brought in to examine the pressed brick and stone main doorway, the pocket doors and leaded windows above, after water damage was noticed.

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